About Us

Coilology was created by two cloud & flavor chasers Simon and Niko who have worked in the vape industry for 3 years. When the RDA & RTA released by the leading e cig manufacturer in China. Both of them are very excited and learned a lots about the building coils, setting up the wattage based on the resistance of coils. What inspired them was that many people didn’t know about how to build their own coils. Let along to make their own coils. So the idea of start up a coils company has generated.

The Coilology combines the meaning of coils and ology. Since it was founded in 2015, The main products of Coilology are Handcrfted Coils and Prebuilt Wires. Handcrafted coils are known for it's property and appearance. The series of the coils runs from handmade to prebuilt, the lower resistance to higher resistance. Varies raw materials from domestic produced NI80, SS316L , KA1 to imported TMN80 and Sandvik.

The nonparallel vapor production and unbeatable flavor. And Up to 2-3 months longevity make it more worthwhile. Coilology has provide it’s best quality and best service through out the world. And the scale of production and staff numbers has enlarged astonishing.

We committed ourself to provide advanced coil to customers or users who don't have time or skill to build their own, thus, they will have the same vaping experience as we do. Many thanks to the support of our customers and friends from all over the world. Without your help, we can not go this far.  If you guys has any opinions on build wires, or any other suggestions, we are warmly welcomed you to send the email to : info@coilology.net or contact our facebook homepage directly.

Coilology Team

May 13 2019