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Multi-Strands Fused Clapton Prebuilt Coils 10pcs/box


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Coilology Multi Strands Fused Clapton Coils feature 9 twisted strands of 38Ga sandwiched between 2 strands of 28Ga then wrapped with a 36Ga Clapton. The outer wire is wrapped to the tightest and most consistent standard, thus liquid is less likely to escape from the gaps whilst being vaporized. Spitback is avoided effectively and with Clapton wire, the increased surface area enables better flavor and larger vapor production. Each wire is cleaned with an Ultra Sonic cleaner to ensure nothing else comes with the wire. Available in both Stainless Steel and Nichrome 80.

1x 10pcs Multi Strands Fused Clapton Coils 
1x Plastic Container


 Multi-Strands Fused Clapton Prebuilt Coils

Item Ni80 Prebuilt (10Pcs/Pack) SS316L(10Pcs/Pack)
Wire Configurations Φ
Wrap Resist Wire Configurations IDΦ(mm) Wraps Resist
/coil /coil
Multi-Strands Fused Clapton 2-28/9-38/36 3 5 0.32Ω 2-28/9-38/36 $3.00  6 0.27Ω



Our Coils are intended for EXPERIENCED users only.

Coil resistances may vary slightly depending on the RDA/RTA and how accurately the mod reads the coils. Length of the leads go in to post holes will effect the resistance as well.All our coils have been tested several times to get the most accurate reading possible. 

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Ni80, Ss316l


2-28/9-38/36 3mm


0.32ω, 0.27ω

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LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt