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Handmade Twisted Messes NI80 TMN80 Alien

Handmade Twisted Messes NI80 TMN80 Alien


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An Alien usually referred to as an Alien Clapton, is a de-cored Clapton, wrapped with tripple parallel wires. It is similar to a fused Clapton, except the outer wrap has a very distinct texture. Aliens have a slower ramp-up time than fused Claptons due to their larger surface area. 

The textured outer wrap is achieved by building a regular Clapton, then carefully removing the inner core. Then, it’s wrapped around a multi-strand core containing the same gauge as the original core that was removed.

Compare to the KA1, SS316L and Normal NI80 Alien coils, the TMN80 Alien coils is much brighter , with more decent flavor taste and longer life span. 

Material: TMN80

Package include:

1 pcs of cotton

2 pcs of TMN80 coils

Item Specifications
Wire Configurations ID
Resistance for dual coils
TMN Ni80
3-27/37 3 0.13Ω
3-28/36 2.5 0.14
3-28/36 3 0.17Ω


Our Coils are intended for EXPERIENCED users only.

Coil resistances may vary slightly depending on the RDA/RTA and how accurately the mod reads the coils. Length of the leads go in to post holes will effect the resistance as well.All our coils have been tested several times to get the most accurate reading possible. 

Knowledge on battery safety and ohms law is strongly recommended. Use at your own risk. Coilology Co,. Limited and retailers are NOT responsible for injury or damage caused to property or person due to misuse of our product.

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